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As a follow up of the Workshop on Innovation and Experimentation held on 20/08/2015, a Staff Meeting, involving all the members of staff was conducted in the LCD Room on 21/09/2015 in order to discuss the ways and means for the successful implementation of the Project, which was one among the few that had been discussed at the Workshop.


To hone the speaking skills in the students

  • To enable the students to articulate fluently and with confidence
  • To make the students shed their inhibitions while speaking over the mike
  • To mould the public speaking skills in the students
  • To tap the creativity in oral expression
  • To encourage mass participation of students


STEP 1: The Class teachers were briefed about the ways and means to motivate the students of their respective classes to participate in the RADIO SHOW -VIDYALAY VANI.
STEP 2: A meeting  of the Language Teachers was held in  the Principal's Chamber on 28/09/2015 to discuss the various possibilities of improving language through the Radio Show – the type of activities that can be presented, the duration of the programme, the do’s and don’ts  as far as the presentation part is concerned, were discussed in detail.
STEP 3: The time schedule for the programme was fixed. It was decided that the ten minutes before the start of the Morning Assembly and ten minutes before the end of the Lunch Break could be utilised for this purpose. The Primary Section was allotted two days per week, Tuesdays and Fridays.
STEP 4: A talk was given in the morning assembly by Mrs. Sreepriya. P. Kana, TGT (Eng) informing the students of the schedule.


A schedule was prepared for the Radio Show. The Project started with Class XI  presenting an informative programme on the Use of Idioms in English, Recitation of poems and a paper presentation regarding the formation of the Halo Around the Sun.
In the days that followed, a variety of programmes like Success Mantras, Home Remedies, Career Guidance, Story Telling, Learn to Pronounce, This Day in History and Book Reviews were presented. The hard copies of all the presentations have been maintained for any further reference.
The Proramme was executed till the end of January.


It was noted that children were coming up with a wide range of ideas and a variety of programmes. They were asked to maintain a diary in order to record the useful information given.
Feed back regarding the programme is given to both the students and Class Teachers on a regular basis and suggestions were also given for improvement.


Since the Project gained a lot of popularity, especially among the student community, the need to continue with the same during the coming Academic Session has been felt.