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It was noticed that the sense of belongingness among the students was dwindling day by day .The need to inculcate self-discipline and the sense of belongingness within their immediate environment was felt. The idea was put forward for open discussion in the general Staff Meeting. The suggestions given by the teachers were considered and a Plan of Action was outlined by the Teacher in Charge of the Project.


  • To inculcate the sense of belongingness in the students
  • To ensure that the classrooms and immediate surroundings are kept neat and clean
  • To make the students self-disciplined so that they take up the responsibility on their own, without any external compulsion
  • To reduce the amount of waste accumulated in the classrooms
  • To ensure that the students do not leave any of their belongings in their classrooms


After discussions with the teachers during the general Staff Meeting, it was decided that the teachers going to the classes during the first and the last periods have an important role to play in ensuring proper arrangement of furniture as well as cleanliness of the class.
Students of the SEED Club, Blue and White Bands from each class were entrusted with the duty of making sure that students carry all their belongings back home. Those left behind were collected and deposited in the Junior Science Lab, from where they could claim it back after promising never to repeat such behaviour again.


In addition to the members of the Seed Club, Swachhta Monitors were appointed for each class and it was their duty to ensure that the class was clean from the beginning to the end of the day. They were given badges so that they would feel the sense of responsibility entrusted with them. It was noted that the students given the duty of collecting things from their classes after 2: 40 pm were quite serious about their work. It was also observed that in 2 weeks time, the number of things left behind by the students had reduced considerably.  Moreover, the dustbins were removed from each class and a common dustbin was placed at the end of each corridor. It was noticed that the waste paper generated in each class was reduced to the minimum.
Surprise inspections by the teachers and also the cleaning staff, in addition to the scheduled inspections of classrooms, was planned so that students would maintain seriousness as regards the Project and develop in them a sense of belongingness.
Classes were found to be kept neat and clean and those classes where there were no belongings were left behind by the students for one whole week were given a Certificates in the Morning Assembly.
There was a sense of healthy competition among the students to keep their respective classes neat and clean. With the encouragement and motivation from the class teachers, the Project gained momentum and was a real success.


The Project will be continued for the next Academic session too, with modifications, if any, based on the feedback from the teachers.