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The seed club f Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode was formed in the month of July 2015, as a part of the initiative to make the campus clean and green and also to instill in the students the sense of cleanliness and conservation. It is a venture coined by the Mathrubhumi Daily.


  • To make the school campus clean and green
  • To instill in the students the sense of conservation and preservation of the environment and its resources
  • To make the students aware of the practice of the 3Rs


The entire school was divided into three Bands – Blue Band, White Band and Green Band – and three students from each section from classes III to X were selected as representatives for each band. Teachers were also allotted duties pertaining to each band. The Blue Band was in-charge of the conservation of water and electricity, the White band was in-charge of keeping the campus clean by managing the waste disposal and the re-use of the waste, especially in the form of used papers, in the Vidyalaya. The Green Band looked into the process of making the campus green and eco-friendly.
The zero periods on Wednesdays and the Club Periods on Saturdays were set aside for the meetings and the activities of the Club members.



  • Conservation of resources- water and electricity
  • Different methods to be adopted for saving/conserving water and electricity
  • Innovative methods for implementing the same
  • Keeping a record of the activities /findings


  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Wonder from Waste
  • Recycling of waste paper


  • Making the campus attractive
  • Methods to minimize littering in the campus
  • Arrangement of Display/Bulletin Boards


  • Making the campus green and lively
  • Donation of saplings by teachers/students on important days
  • Maintenance of the donated plants by assigning specific areas to specific groups

NOTE: Given above are the broad areas that each group should concentrate on. For every group, student representatives from classes VI-VIII were made use of for carrying out the work assigned.
The following steps were taken towards the working of the Seed Club from the beginning of the Academic Session.

  • A general briefing about what the Seed Club is all about in the LCD Room.
  • Allotment of teachers to different Bands.
  • Purchase of the paper shredder by the Alumni of the Vidyalaya
  • Removal of individual dustbins from the classrooms
  • Conduct of the Assembly Programme based on ENVIRONMENT DAY on June 5th, 2015
  • Distribution of saplings to students and teachers
  • Planting of saplings by VMC Chairman and AC on June 8th, 2015
  • Organizing Class/House Bulletin Board Competition based on the theme, “ Save Our Environment”


The Campus has become greener with the vegetable garden, the Nakshatra Vanam and the planting of saplings as a part of the drive. The volunteers of the Blue Band have done a wonderful job of looking into the conservation of energy by being vigilant about the use of electricity and water. A lot of waste paper has been shredded and the same has been used to make chalk boxes and props for various functions. The beautification of the campus has been taken care of by the White Band members.


The Report on the work done by the Seed Club has been sent to Mathrubhumi Daily for their evaluation. The future course of action will be planned as per the results of the evaluation.