Scouts and Guides

Scouts and Guides

[CHARTER NO: KVS/BSG/ERK/S15/2015, DATED: 20-03-15, VALID UPTO: 31/03/2018  &
CHARTER NO: KVS/BSG/ERK/G14/2015, DATED: 20-03-15, VALID UPTO: 31/03/2018 ]

The Enrolment work for the year 2015-16 was completed in the first week of April, 2015.

Flag break ceremonies, Regular classes and training to scouts & guides were imparted on all Wednesdays  during the assembly time, from 8.30 to 9.15 , for covering the syllabus as per  APRO part- II & III.

Ten guides were selected from the eligible group after a written test for the Regional level Rajyapuraskar Testing camp conducted at KV Kanjikode from 08/06/2015 to 12/06/2015. Our Principal and Dist. Commissioner: Dr. S Nalayini was deputed as the Camp Director and Smt. S Santha was deputed as the Testing official. Our Unit was represented by 8 Guides.

RajyapuraksarTen scouts were selected from the eligible group after a written test for the Regional level Rajyapuraskar Testing camp conducted at KV Ottapalam for the Scouts from 08/06/2015 to 12/06/2015.  Sri. Abdul Shumz, Pre- ALT(S)- was deputed as the Testing Official.   Nine scouts participated.

Abdul Shumz, Pre- ALT(S)-  was deputed to the Staff Training course for the Scout Masters, as Official ,conducted at KV Naval base No:2,camp Kochi  from   06    -04- to  10 -04-2015.

Smt. S Santha, HWB(G)-  was deputed to the Staff Training course for the Guide Captains, as Official, conducted at KV Kanjikode  from     06    -04- to  10 -04-2015.

On 5TH June ,tree saplings were planted by the new recruits : 32 scout and guide volunteers in the school campus as part of the social forestry activities under the leadership of  Scouters and Guiders: Mrs. Santha S, Mr. Abdul Shumz and Mr. J Selvens on the world environment day.   

Guard of honour was conducted for welcoming the CHIEF GUEST  on the Annual Day in April.

3  units were registered for the Prime Ministers Shield competition  and project work  was started.

One Scout Master (Mr. Abdul Shumz)  took part in the regional level meeting of Scouters and Guiders at Ernakulam in April.

14 Scouts were selected for the Annual Tritiya Sopan cum Patrol Leaders Testing camp conducted at KV Payyannur from 26-6-15 to 28-06-2015

17 Guides were selected for the Annual Tritiya Sopan cum Patrol Leaders Testing camp conducted at KV No:1, Calicut from 26-6-15 to 28-06-2015.

The Regional Level Rajyapuraskar Testing camp was conducted in our Vidyalaya from 08-06-15 to 12-06-15. 191 guides and 20 escorts from 19 KV’s of Ernakulam region participated. The LOC was Smt. Archana Srivasthava, ALT(G). The officials were:  Smt. Devika Nair ( Pre ALT(G), Smt. S Santha HWB(G) and Smt. Usha Rani HWB(G).

Three guides and 2 scouts were selected from the eligible group  for the National  level Rashtrapathy Testing camp  to be conducted in September.

Guard of honour was conducted for welcoming the CHIEF GUEST  on the inaugural day of the Regional Basketball competition held in our Vidyalaya 

In order to help the less privileged in our society, “a fistful of rice” project was undertaken. Scouts and Guides collected rice from the students and handed over to the inmates of an orphanage in Palakkad.

Saplings were distributed to Scouts and Guides from the department of forests, govt. of Kerala under the Ente Maram’ project in June. The project was initiated by Mrs. Santha S

Investiture ceremony: The Investiture ceremony was completed for the new recruits to the movement on   15-7-15 from scouts and guides separately with 5  each from every Patrol. A total of 240 students  [35 guides, 30 scouts, 98 cubs, 77 bulbuls] participated.  The new recruits were honored and was permitted to take oath in front of a qualified Scouter or Guider. They were provided with membership badge, scarf, Vogel, world scout badge etc.  

independence day parade: For taking part in the district level March past/parade competition at Fort maidan a team of 30 Scouts were trained and send on 4 different days for the rehearsal. They represented the Vidyalaya for the Independence day march past competition on 15th August. The team led by Master Amaresh secured second prize for the march past. He received trophy from the Hon. Minister for food and civil supplies:  Mr. Anoop Jacob on 15-8-15 at Palakkad fort maidan.

Independence day programme:  Guard of Honour was arranged on the Independence day by the Scouts & guides to the Hon. Dist. Commissioner. After that the school premises was cleaned by them.

 all faith prayerAn ‘All Faith Prayer’was conducted on 2nd October in connection with the Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations at 8. 30  AM in the multipurpose hall. A good number of Scouts and Guides participated along with their parents. The District Commissioner-Guides Smt. Dr. S Nalayini was the Chief Guest. Individual prayers and special prayer songs were sung.

 This was followed by a campus cleaning  programme at the Railway station, Kanjikode. A team of 14 Volunteers under the leadership of  Mr. Abdul Shumz, participated in the cleanliness drive at the premises of the Railway station, Kanjikode on 2nd October  as part of ‘Swachch Bharath Abhiyan’. They were received bythe Stn. Supdt Subha Kumari and Hindi Officer Binita Soy. Certificate was provided by the Railway authorities to the scouts

Flag Day celebrations

The Foundation cum flag day was celebrated on 7th November 2015 by the Department of Scouts and Guides in a very befitting way, as per the guide lines given by BSG, KVS state.

flag dayA formal flag break ceremony was conducted with the total participation of the members of our unit, including Scouts and Guides. The color party hoisted the flag and after the routine programmes in the  meeting,  the Hon. District Commisioner (G)- III,  Dr. S. Nalayini addressed the scouts and guides and inaugurated the ceremony by distributing flags to teachers and students and Dr. S. Nalayini inspired the students about the necessity of joining in the movement.

Pre ALT  Scout Master of the Vidyalaya, Mr. A. Abdul Shumz gave a short speech on the importance of Flag day. It was followed by a special programme : a talk about the importance of the movement by Kum. Annie Joseph (9D) and Kum. Nithuna S (9D).

A quiz programme was conducted  after that and the winners were :  Anush (6D), Architha (6C), Arun (9C), Dinesh (10C), Nihal (9A), Stella (9D), Avani Vijayan (8A), Laya Mohan (7D).

KIM Games  were organized to test smell, touch and taste which was enjoyed ny all members.

The stamps were distributed to students on payment of Rs. 5/- or above and a total of Rs.  820 -00  was raised for the movement which was send to the KVS Regional Fund. The celebration was led by HWB Scout Master:  A. Abdul Shumz,  HWB Guide Captain : Mrs. S Santha, and Advanced Scout Master:   Biju PV.