Innovation and Experimentation

Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers

S.No Innovation and Experimentation Class & Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of Innovator with Designation
1 Anyonyam’ Class X Universal brotherhood through learning the poems of different countries Three students learned national anthems of 34 countries and the project got international recognition Mrs. Leena Mukundan, TGT SOST
2 MY THESAURUS’ the theme is ‘FEELINGS’ & NATURE VII, VIII, IX, English English vocabulary – Needs improvement..Write Descriptively – Very few students are good at writing descriptively..Love for language – Not very much sensitive to language. Many students become literary more resourceful as they enrich their vocabulary and develop a sense of keenness about language. A very few students are proud of their articles published in periodicals. Mrs.Suma VP, TGT English
3 EASY HINDI LEARNING IN CLASS-2—to create interest in students towards hindi language and to increase the speed in reading and writing 2C HINDI Learning through play enables children to understand and express their thoughts and feelings. Play functions as a language laboratory. Learning objective realized. Hemanth khaner, PRT
4 ANGLES-to observe the surroundings and to identify and locate angles in the various objects they come across 5A MATHEMATICS To observe, identify, compare,draw, measure collect, differentiate and construct angles Learning objective realized. Smt cv sasikala, PRT
5 FIGHT THE BITE-To develop social responsibility and the skills of research, analysis, creativity and communication in students 5C EVS To gather information, conduct survey, collect data ,analyze it and draw final conclusion- make the public aware of the drastic spread of mosquitoes- Learning objective realized. Smt shailaja, PRT
6 WATER- To develop new knowledge and critical thinking - 4B, EVS To collect details regarding the purity of drinking water, locate water bodies around the school Learning objective realized. Sunitha.l, PRT
7 Gods own county
To know India better by knowing the state of Kerala
Class IV, EVS To know the Contribution of Kerala towards the development of the Nation Learning objective realized. Mis Yasmin M.D PRT
8 Musical Instruments Class II, Hindi To observe, identify and compare sounds of different musical instruments. Learning objective realized. Vijayasing meena, PRT
9 Library Website For All Classes

To provide online library and information services to the staff and students

Learning objective realized. Mujib Rahiman, Librarian
10 Homeworks Online
For All Classes Easy online access to the homeworks, projects and assignments. Teachers can post homeworks for their respective classes online Learning objective realized. Mujib Rahiman, Librarian